The Ultimate Mobile Bar Solution

Mobile Coffee Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Mobile Coffee Bar
Mobile Ice Cream Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Mobile Gelato Bar
Mobile Rolled Ice Cream Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Mobile Rolled Ice Cream Bar
Mobile Hot Chocolate Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Mobile Hot Chocolate Bar
Mobile Ice Tea Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Mobile Ice Tea Bar
Mobile G&T Bar
Mobile Frozen Yogurt Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
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Mobile Froyo Bar
Mobile Milkshake Bar
Mobile Freezo Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Mobile Pizza Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
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coming soon.png
Mobile Pizza Bar
Mobile Freezo Bar
Mobile Lemonade Bar in Johannesburg and Pretoria
Mobile Lemonade Bar
Candy Bar.jpg
coming soon.png
Mobile Candy Bar

Mobile Bar Solutions is a fully customised, innovative and dynamic mobile food and beverage bar company.  Our service offering is ideally suited for corporate events, expos, product launches, activations, weddings and other private functions.


Our food and beverage bars are stocked with a variety of quality, fresh and delicious treats such as ice-cream, waffles, smoothies, coffee, milkshakes, frozen yogurts, and bubble tea.


Our unique service offering includes the opportunity for guests to customise their food and beverage selection based on their preferences.

Our friendly, professional and reliable servers will ensure that your event runs smoothly every time.


All our bars cater for branding that can be customised and designed according to specified and requested themes. Our team of experienced designers are equipped to build and brand a bar in line with event requirements.





Mobile Bar Solutions can customise food and beverage bars that are specifically designed and branded for road shows and corporate team building.


We can assist you in increasing customer interest surrounding your stand at trade show expos. We will partner with you by offering our innovative food and beverage services as an incorporated benefit. Our team of marketing activation specialists and multimedia solutions experts will ensure that your brand stand out in the minds of consumers.



Mobile Bar Solutions believes in combining food and technology in order to create an integrated marketing campaign. Our team activation specialists and strategic technology partners combine food and technology to customise a marketing campaign, resulting in guests being enticed to interact more with your company’s brand. Examples include using brand-customised virtual reality activations where guests can be rewarded with a food item, or mobile ordering systems whereby guests can order food on their mobile device. Contact us for a tailored solution.



We offers customised bars that can be co-ordinated with the theme and style of your wedding. Personalised messages can be written on your customised stand where your guests can create-their-own treat based on their preferences. You can either hire our bars for the dessert portion of the reception or during the gap between the ceremony and the reception, while the couple and family are taking pictures.


All our bars are fully customisable, from branding the bar according to the theme of the event to allowing guests to create-their-own food and beverage treat. Our bars are the ultimate treat for any occasion.