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Lyyne Mackenzie & Partners (Private Gin Bar)

When hosting a private party for close friends and family, I find peoples biggest concern is always the food and drinks! Why spend hours running around prepping and organising and still not being able to fully unwind and enjoy the party as you’re too busy being worried and looking after people. This was our clients dilemma at her private party hosted in the lovely suburb of

– No problems as this is what we do. Our most popular mobile bar of this Summer, the famous Gin & Tonic bar was a huge hit! Guests could not get enough of the innovative cocktails mixed up by our professional bartender. Our bar completely took the pressure off and allowed our client to sit back and relax as her guests were treated as VIPS and served nothing but the finest Gins, bespoke mixers and fresh organic infusions. The perfect addition to any evening, Gin drinker or not, we only do delicious. Our popular speciality for the night was “The Big Pink”, strangely enough amongst the gentleman! A healthy dash of Black Rose Gin, Pink Rose & cucumber tonic with some muddled Basil, pomegranate seeds and a sprig of rosemary… Thirsty yet?

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